Protect Your Home with Outdated Electrical Panel Replacement in San Francisco

Outdated electrical panels replacement

Your home is your sanctuary, but even the strongest sanctuaries need protection against invisible threats. Outdated electrical panels like Federal Pacific, Zinsco, Challenger, and Pushmatic can pose a serious risk to your home’s safety and your loved ones. There is a danger of electrical fires and shock risks on your property due to the fact that these panels may no longer match modern safety regulations, despite their decades of usage.

In the modern era, where our homes are filled with high-demand electrical devices, the necessity for a safe, reliable electrical system has never been greater. Ignoring your electrical panel’s state puts you at risk for serious property damage and expensive repairs, in addition to endangering your safety.

Why Immediate Attention is Necessary

Our comprehensive guide identifies key warning signs and risks associated with these hazardous electrical panels. However, identifying the need for an upgrade is just the first step. Maintaining the safety of your house necessitates professional assistance.

Assessing and upgrading outdated electrical panels is MaxElectric’s area of expertise. Reducing the danger of electrical fires and improving your home’s general safety, our qualified electricians have the knowledge and equipment to upgrade your home’s electrical system to contemporary safety requirements.

Your Safety, Our Priority

Don’t wait for a sign that your system is failing. Prevent harm to your house and loved ones by acting swiftly. In order to meet the unique demands of your house, our staff may inspect your existing electrical panel and provide a dependable, code-compliant alternative.

For a free estimate and to learn how we can increase your home’s efficiency and security, get in contact with us right now. Allow us to handle your electrical system’s stress so you can concentrate on what really matters: enjoying your home’s safety and pleasure.

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    Hazardous electrical panels

    Outdated electrical panels that should be replaced immediately

    Here is the list of panels that need immediate attention and replacement:

    • Federal Pacific Electric (FPE)
    • Zinsco (GTE-Sylvania)
    • Challenger (Eaton/Cutler Hammer)
    • Pushmatic Bulldog Electrical Panel

    Federal Pacific Electric Panels

    Federal Pacific Electric Panels was one of the most widely used panels in North America from the 1950s to the 1980s. Millions them were installed in homes across the country.

    Survey found out that that these dangerous electrical panels cause around 2,900 fires and a lot of deaths each year. Federal Pacific Electrical (FPE) panels have faulty circuit breakers and that increases a risk of a fire hazard. FPE’s circuit breakers fail to trip when there is a short circuit or overload.

    Do I Have an FPE Panel?

    Check your panel for this:

    • The panel says “Federal Pacific”
    • There is a sticker “Federal Pacific EC” inside the panel
    • The panel says “Stab-Lok” on the breakers

    Some older panels do not have any of these indicators. And if you are not sure about that it is better to hire a licensed electrician to check if you have an unsafe panel.

    Zinsco panel

    Zinsco electric panels were popular in the 1960’s and 70’s. Zinsco is now defunct, but many homes still have these panels.

    Main defects include:

    • It contains aluminum wiring
    • The bus bar appears to corrode easily.
    • Loose circuit breakers
    • Breakers can be turned off but may still conduct power
    Do I have a Zinsco Panel?

     Check your panel for this:

    • Look for the name Zinsco, GTE Sylvania or BC Kerney on the panel.
    • Breakers can have green, red and blue colored handles.

    If you suspect that you have an outdated panel, you should hire a professional electrician to check it! Do not try to replace or fix Zinsco panels as they can appear to be shut off but may still conduct power!

    Pushmatic / Bulldog Electrical Panels

    Pushmatic panels were used between 1950 and 1980. These panels have weak breaker switches that get more difficult to reset over time. They also do not have a main breaker switch. These panels need to be replaced with safer panels.

    What is more it is almost impossible to find parts for these panels as the company does not work anymore.

    Remember! Panels that are old and difficult to maintain should be upgraded in order to protect your home.

    Challenger (eaton/cutler hammer)

    Challenger panels have the same problems as Zinsco.

    The main problem with these panels is with 15 amp and 20amp circuit breakers

    Do I have a challenger panel (eaton/cutler hammer)?

    Open your panel and if there are black circuit breakers with a mark Challenger, that is the most popular indicator.

    Do not forget that sometimes Challenger panels were labeled as Zinsco.

    So it is better to hire a technician to check it

    What are the risks of having outdated panels?

    First of all, it poses a fire hazard to the home and increases a risk of a shock. It can lead to the loss of property and injury. Quite often it is very difficult see faulty conditions as the panel is too old.

    During panel replacement, our electrician will make sure that your new circuit breaker panel is optimized for your day to day electrical usage and that it’s up to a modern code. It reduces the risk of a fire!

    Our qualified team will help you to feel safe at home or work! Don’t wait and schedule a free estimate today!

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