The Benefits of Converting from Gas to Electric Appliances

  1. Reduced Carbon Footprint:

    Electric appliances are more eco-friendly. By converting to electricity we help to reduce gas emissions, lower our carbon footprint and save the planet

  2. Energy Efficiency and Potential Cost Savings:

    Electric appliances often consume less energy. This can lead to significant savings on your utility bills.

  3. Happy & Healthy Homes:

    Burning gas in your home for heating and cooking can release pollutants and cause health risks, including asthma. Electric appliances reduce risks and help to keep your home happy and healthy.

  4. Simple Maintenance:

    Electric appliances generally require less maintenance than gas so they can save your money in the long term. With an all-electric home, you only need to maintain the electrical system rather than both an electrical and gas.

  5. Safety:

    Electric appliances reduce the risk of gas leaks, providing a safer option for your house.

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    Our Process:

    1. Free Estimate:

      Our qualified and friendly team is available 24/7 to provide online or offline consultations, during the consultation we discuss the appliances that you have and your conversion goals.We also offer the creation of a unique electrification plan.

    2. Detailed Quote:

      After our free estimate we will provide a detailed quote that includes the amount of work and cost of all necessary electrical upgrades. It will help you to understand a complete picture of the costs beforehand.

    3. Qualified Installation:

      Our professional technicians can handle all needed electrical updates for your new electric appliances. You should choose Max Electric, if you want to work with careful and trusted installers that select materials of the best quality and have huge experience in all sorts of electrical issues.

    4. Guarantee and support 24/7:

      After the electrical installation we will perform an inspection of our installation for your safety and give a year guarantee.


    1. Can you switch a house from gas to electric?

    Sure! It is possible to switch a house from gas to electricity. The process includes the inspection of the current electrical system and making all the necessary upgrades or repairs. This may include replacing wiring, installing additional circuits and updating existing outlets and switches. Due to the potential hazards in such projects, it is necessary to choose an experienced electrician to perform all the upgrades.

    1. How much does it cost to convert your house from gas to electric appliances?

    The cost depends on different factors, such as the size, existing wiring, labor costs and materials needed. To ensure safety and quality, it is necessary to consult a qualified electrician. Max Electric provides affordable and high-quality service. Additionally, the long-term cost savings on your utility bills will make the switch financially beneficial in the long term.

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