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Welcome to MaxElectric, San Francisco’s trusted partner for professional switch and outlet installation and replacement services. Light switch installation, dimmer switch installation, and thorough switch and outlet setup are just a few of the services in which our knowledgeable staff excels. Our first-rate, individualized services are perfect for any home improvement project or electrical system upgrade.

Residential outlet installation, wall socket installation, and electrical outlet setup are just a few of the many installations that we can do. We are aware of the importance having a reliable and efficient electrical system in your house is. We provide a broad range of services, from simple light switch installations to complex dimmer switch configurations, to guarantee you get a solution that is precisely tailored to the unique needs of your area.

In San Francisco, where homes range from historic to modern, we have the expertise to handle any installation or replacement project. Because our staff is knowledgeable about the particular electrical requirements of San Francisco homes, we can guarantee that every installation or replacement is completed carefully and precisely.

Safe, effective, and visually beautiful electrical solutions are the main priorities of MaxElectric. We make sure that your switch and outlet installations not only work flawlessly but also improve the appearance and feel of your house by using the most up-to-date methods and premium materials.

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    Before and After: Electrical Outlet Restoration

    Damaged Outlets: The Problem

    See the challenges we face with damaged and burnt outlets. The kinds of problems that can arise from improper maintenance, such melted or burned outlet faces, exposed wiring, and other dangers that endanger the safety of your house, are displayed in our before photos.

    Restored Outlets: The Solution

    There is no denying the change. Our skilled repair work was restricted to fixing your damaged outlets so they may function once more, as seen in the accompanying photograph. Because safety and quality are our top priorities at MaxElectric, we make sure that every outlet that is repaired satisfies strict safety requirements and performs like new.

    burned outlet after

    Our Process

    In order to offer a complete solution that involves replacing hazardous wiring and modernizing outdated components to satisfy current safety regulations, we must evaluate the degree of the damage. To provide results that last, each repair is done precisely.

    Why It Matters

    Maintaining your electrical outlets is crucial for preventing potential hazards. Our before and after examples show the need for prompt interventions as well as how MaxElectric can maintain the safety and functionality of your home.

    Advantages of Choosing MaxElectric

    Expertise in
    Local Standards

    MaxElectric's team is deeply familiar with San Francisco's building codes and regulations, ensuring that all installations and replacements meet the highest safety and quality standards.


    We offer personalized electrical solutions, considering your specific needs and preferences. Whether you need a simple light switch replacement or a complex dimmer installation, we can accommodate your needs.

    Reliable and
    Timely Service

    Our commitment to punctuality and efficiency sets us apart. Every job is completed on time and to the highest standard since we know how valuable your time is.

    Expert Outlet Installation Services by MaxElectric

    MaxElectric is dedicated to providing unparalleled outlet installation services in San Francisco. Our skilled technicians are adept at installing a wide range of outlets, including standard electrical outlets, USB outlets, and GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets. Our staff is capable of managing everything from straightforward installs to intricate bespoke configurations as we recognize that every home has different needs.

    We give practicality and safety a lot of weight. Our installations are made to be flexible enough to handle both your present and future demands. Whether you want more outlets for a home theater, home office, or smart home technology, MaxElectric makes sure your electrical outlets are effectively and safely connected into your house’s electrical infrastructure.

    Professional Light Switch Installation and Customization by MaxElectric

    At MaxElectric, we offer a comprehensive range of light switch installation services, including standard switches, dimmers, motion sensor switches, and smart switches. Stylish and practical lighting solutions are within our team’s capabilities.

    The convenience and atmosphere of your house may be greatly improved with a well-installed light switch. We meet all of your demands, from basic on/off functionality to complex mood lighting enabled via dimmer switches. If you’re looking to conserve energy and manage your lights remotely, we are experts in integrating light switches with smart home systems.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. How long does an outlet or switch installation take?
      The duration of the installation depends on the complexity of the project. Standard installations typically take a few hours, while more complex setups may require a full day.
    2. Are your technicians licensed and insured?
      Yes, all our technicians are fully licensed and insured. They follow all safety protocols and have a lot of expertise with electrical installations.
    3. Do you provide a warranty?
      Yes, we offer a warranty on all our installation services. This ensures that any issues arising post-installation are promptly addressed.
    4. Are switches and outlets installable in older homes?
      Indeed. Including older houses, we have worked with a variety of properties. We make sure all installations go by the most recent safety regulations and electrical codes.
    5. How do I schedule an installation?
      You can schedule an installation by contacting us via our website or phone. We are happy to work around your schedule if that is more convenient for you.

    Join us at MaxElectric, where we go above and beyond as electricians to help you build a home that is both safe and pleasant. As a San Francisco-wide expert in switch and outlet installation and replacement, we guarantee top-notch service. We take the time to listen to your concerns and then craft individualized solutions that go above and beyond your expectations, all the way from the first consultation to the final inspection.

    Dedication to each and every one of our customers and meticulousness in our work are two of our greatest strengths. Whether you need a light switch repair, a wall switch replacement, or a new outlet installation, you can count on MaxElectric for superior quality and service. Choose us for your electrical needs in San Francisco, and experience the difference that professional expertise and personalized care can make.

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